Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Precious February Royal Princesses!

Listed in alphabetical order:

Jasmine Loening in Valentine dress

Jasmine (Close up)

Katherine Comet (Close up)

Katherine Comet in Stephanie Anniversary Gown

Vitality Lollipop (Close up)

Vitality wearing Aphrodite gown

The February Royal princesses will be given cash prize, gift cards from My Precious; sponsored gifts from Alienbear's, Entre Mares, Amacci, Talcon Faire and Chade Vilota.
They will also be given an interview feature in AVENUE, one of the leading modelling agencies and SL media working 7500L.
Being our Royal Princess, they will be invited to our monthly fashion show.
We are looking for your entry. Visit the mainstore for details.