Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A glimpse of our semi finalists

All semi-finalists are wearing the Venus dress to illustrate the definition of creativeness and beauty. It's amazing to see the Venus dress could look differently by being playful with hair and accessories!

Xandrah Scrivo

Aleida Rhode

Katherine Comet

Ladykath Avon

Enchanteddreams Bebb

Amerique Silverspar

Ananya Mai

Jasmine Loening

Cieleste Magic

Genevieve Kamala

Arkaine Cazalet

Serene Faith

Pure Nickolaidis

Vitality Lollipop

Friday, July 16, 2010

July Royal Princess---Flora Fegte

We love the tone of Flora's close up. The background has nicely brought out her elegance. She is wearing our Butterfly Queen (Monarch) gown, matching with Alienbear's Kriscar jewelry set. Love it!

July Royal Princess--Jade Spectre

Jade is wearing the Queen Lucia Grandeur gown as well, matching with Alienbear's Precious Queen Jewelery set. Beautiful as an angel. :)

July Royal Princess--Draakje Dailey

Special thanks for Mui Mukerji, Will Finney and Sykao Adamski who have helped selecting three July Princesses for us. Here are the great works from Draakje Dailey. She is wearing our Queen Lucia lace grandeur dress. :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

June Royal Princess--Aleida Rhode

This is a set of great snapshots with good contrast and coloring. She is wearing our couture item, La Rose and Felicitas necklace by Alienbear's. You could feel the strong personality of Aleida from the pictures. Love the falling chess!