Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Princess (3) Vivienne Coppola

Vivy wears Agnes Kaestner white with Princess Haukea Earings and necklace white

I'm a happy go lucky person with a huge personality. I love clothing and I love the challenge of styling outfits. Im an sl hockey nut and spent 4 years racing around the rink after a little black puck and now have decided its time for something new and I am enjoying the road to modeling.
Photographs by Magissa Denver

April Princess (2) Eliza Mint

Eliza wears Agnes Moments with Alienbear Designs VernaRosa earrings, Aphrodite II necklace, Queen Posesiva Crown & Sceptre in white.

I would be elated to represent My Precious as Queen. My Precious is a fabulous store with detailed and beautiful designs, representing Second Life fashion at its very best.
Photographs by Pam Astonia

April Princess (1) Sabine Mortenwold

Sabine wears Agness Romantic Butterfly Liliac with Alienbear Designs Bauhimia Necklace, Princess Calanthe Earrings and Pearl Diamond Flower Ring jewelry.

I love to style and thought this butterfly dress was so fun and full of the spirit of spring. The dress just made me smile. It was great fun to put the look together.
Photographs by Julie Hastings

March Princess (3) CottonCandy Teardrop

CottonCandy wears Agnes Finney Queen Lucia Grandeur Black with Princess Carita Black Earrings & Necklace jewelry

I have been on SL for the past 2 1/2 years.. I started out on SL as a DJ and am currently a DJ for BOSL Radio as well as manage several clubs. I've recently started modeling so to get this opportunity to represent this brand is such an honor for me.. It is honestly a dream come true.. I hope to show the designs with the grace and elegance they deserve

Photographs by Cherie Parker

March Princess (2) Elle Ahren

Elle wears Agnes Butterfly Empress with Azucena Crown White, I Earrings & Necklace

I love fashion, think that it is crucial on making the difference in SL, so I am aways trying to be as unique and innovative as I can. I am a very reliable and easygoing person, flexible, and I do not have problems with following instructions. I aim to be a succesful model and I will work hard and give my best to achieve it and to do do an excellent job when representing a brand.

Photographs by Elle Ahren

March Princess (1) Caoimhe Lionheart

Caoimhe wears Agnes Butterfly in Love with Alienbear Designs Alienbear Feng Huang jewelry

I do not often enter contests to win, I enter when I find an item by a designer whose work I feel can be created into a beautyful art piece. I feel my flickr is a testament to the beauty I have found. Agnes Finney's dresses and gowns are my favorite dresses to create with because of their elegance, dream worthiness and touches of whimsy. After all, what is Second Life but a world filled with dreams and whimsy?

Photograhs by Barney Roundel

February Princess (3) Anna Sapphire

Anna is wearing Agnes Queen Lucia Grandeur White with Alienbear Designs KrisCar Forehead Tiara white, Mimmi Belly ring white and Verna Rosa earrings.

My name is Anna Sapphire and I come from Italy. In SecondLife I have found the perfect environment to develop my interests for everything that is fashion related. I'm a model, a stylist, a blogger and a shape designer. Fashion and art are my passions in every life. Fashion for me is a beautiful kind of art, a way to express our feelings and emotions, a wonderful way to leave our mind free to create what nature and beauty inspire.

Photographs by Julie Hastings

February Princess (2) Aloma Luik

Aloma is wearing Agnes -Queen of Lace 1

I am a kind of person who loves being with friends and also love the fashion world I love being a model. My Precious Queen would be a dream come true If I were selected, it would be important to represent the entire My Precious concept, but more than that, to be able to distribute the characteristics of warmth, charm, and beauty.If chosen, I would be honored and would perform all duties and fulfill all expectations with my heart and soul.

Photographs by Queroniza Fride