Thursday, December 24, 2009

December Royal Princess--Julia Brand & other winners

Congrats to Julia!

Here comes the second place winner: Rena Vita:

Kayden Piers--Third place winner

The following ladies are selected as My Precious Lovely Princess Face of December:

4. Briauna Bainbridge 5. Ruby Okelly 6. LadyKath Avon 7. Annough Lykin 8. Shelby galthie
9. EmeraldEyes Honi 10. Natalia Mistwalker 11. CherrieLips Debevec 12. Candie Sparkle 13. Jeab Kungler 14. ZoeAnastasia Aeon 15. Sassy1 Fizzle 16.Vitality Lollipop 17. Fidelia Snowpaw