Saturday, January 16, 2010

Janina Scarmon--My Precious Queen 2010

Hi, I am Janina Scarmon, and I am My Precious Queen 2010. I am a top model, volunteer mentor for SL RFL and a participant in the Guiding Lights mentor program for the SL Wellness Island. I enjoy spending time with my friends shopping and exploring all the wonderful places here in SL. In real life, I am originally from the USA not too far from the RL offices of Second Life. Second LIfe is a place where I can use my creativity to create, as well as meet people from all over the world. Many of my friends are from countries like Japan, India, and England. I look at Second Life as a global community where all that space between us so much smaller. I love knowing that I can be in the same room with someone who is thousands of miles away and have a conversation with them like I am sitting right next to them in RL.

My favorite things to do in RL are reading, listening and dancing to music, and helping to support causes like RFL. I have a Bachelors Degree in Science with a minor in Dance. I also love to shop and watch the shows like Project Runway where very creative people get a chance to display their talent for the opportunity to become a real life designer. They really come up with some creative stuff.

Being chosen queen has been one of the most spectacular parts of my Second Life because it gives me the chance to be a positive role model to all the women in Second Life. As a newbie, I used to wander into Agnes's shop and look at all her lovely gowns thinking of how wearing one would make me feel like a princess. Last year, I decided to enter Agnes's monthly Princess Contest, and was so happy to get that chance to be My Precious July Princess. I was such a special honor to be chosen and Venus, the dress I was photographed in, is one of my favorite dresses. I was so surprised and thrilled in January when I was chosen from among all the beautiful and experienced models that I competed with in the contest. All of them are MP Queens in my book. Now I represent one of the most prestigious fashion houses, as well as one of the most creative designers in Second Life. I hope that I can do my very best to show all the women who come to shop and to see Agnes's fashion shows how they too can look and feel like a queen in one of her exceptional creations.