Friday, January 22, 2010

My Precious Royal Princesses--January 2010

We are proud to announce that the first three Royal Princesses have been selected, namely Aija Winterwolf andLiliya Avedon (In alphabetical order).

Their pictures will be displayed in the store and on our queen blog. They will be awarded the 'MP Royal Princess" and cash prizes, gift cards from Agnes Finney, Alienbear Design, Entre Mares, Amacci, Talcon Faire and Chade Vilota. An interview feature in AVENUE magazine in the coming issue worth of at least 7500L c) will be given as well. They will be joining the semi final held in June. (Details will be announced later)

Here are their winning pictures and bio. :) Hope that you get to know more about the princesses.

Liliya Avedon

I live in Maryland in the US. I mainly concentrate myself on my modeling career, taking part in many photo shoots and various runway shows. The most important thing I enjoy doing though in SL is spending time with my partner, Balthier McMillan, whom I love dearly and who has supported me in the good times and bad.

My love for fashion and for my partner keeps me in second life. I can't get enough of the both of them! I would like to learn to be more organized. I also know that there is always something new to learn when it comes to modeling, so I am always open to tips, tricks and more schooling when I have the time.

I have a serious addiction to shopping. My favorite colors are also white and red and my favorite food is Japanese Habatchi. I used to also roleplay as an elf in my early days of SL.
I feel absolutely thrilled and honored to be given the title of a princess. I felt confident that I might make the cut, but I had wondered if my look and style would be suitable for being a princess, possibly a queen. Now I know I am doing something right! I love the pictures I had taken for the contest and I am thankful to be chosen as a princess. Thank you so much.

Aija Winterwolf

I live in the USA, in the Eastern time zone (Ohio). I work as a DJ here at a handful of clubs. My friends, are the reason I stay in SL, I would go crazy without them. I would love to learn to make clothes or skins. That I don't bite, and I love meeting new people. Don't be afraid to IM me and say hi. I had a squeefit that lasted a good ten minutes.