Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hello My Precious Reign!

The Summer edition of My Precious Queen Contest is over. I am still in hard excitement for being chosen as My Precious Summer Queen 2011! This competition was a gorgeous experience for me and all the contestants who did a great job at the final. I am very proud of everyone who took part of it and gave their best during all this edition of My Precious Queen Contest!

Fashion and style are a unique way to express personality and to be special in the crowd. Agnes Finney has given us a chance to show our beauty, style and elegance in her delightful and high detailed designs. Being My Precious Queen is not only a matter of title, but also recognition and an honorable reward for our efforts during the contest. As Queen, I expect to bring all my best to My Precious Fashion House, representing it with all the elegance and sophistication that it demands, and bringing Agnes Finney’s amazing designs a unique touch of style and life. From now to December, I’ll be monthly sharing with you in this space my style tips and touches with My Precious outfits! And I promise to bring you the best of this amazing fashion house!

If you have not entered the contest, this is the time! My Precious Winter Queen selection runs from July 12th to November 12th. Jo join, prepare two photographs, one Full Body and one Close Up, featuring one of My Precious designs. Each month, from July to November, 3 (three) Princesses will be selected among the submissions, and they will take part of the My Precious Queen Final in December. Prizes include the honorable tag “My Precious Queen”, a cash prize, a special jewelry set by Alienbear and more! This is an opportunity you cannot miss!

Show your style, show your beauty, and be prepared to be the next My Precious Queen!